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Home Made Nyonya Kebayas

Home Made Nyonya Kebaya

The Nyonya Kebaya is a beautiful, translucent, figure-hugging embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong by Peranakan ladies.

It is this and much more. A nyonya kebaya is a work of art, a labour of love, a heritage, a traditional costume that is timeless. An attire for all occasions, it is elegant, feminine, alluring, sensual, glamorous and fashionable for all ages.

However, an authentic nyonya kebaya tends to come with a price tag that is not within the budget of many people. My passion for it has evolved into a home-based business of making affordable nyonya kebayas. Except for the Exclusive Collection, I tailor every piece. I sew them as close as possible to the traditional style using princess cut (pesak) and French seams.
Materials are of select Indonesian embroidered fabric with intricate lace-work edging in floral, fauna and geometric patterns for the hems, sleeves and lapels. I do not make to measure but take orders in standard sizes of small, medium and large, which would fit most people.

You are invited to view the Kebaya Collection available now on-line. Select your favourite piece today and own a fabulous kebaya!

Lily Yew




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